Monitor table change examples

Receive SQL Server notifications on record table change with C#

Here are two examples of application getting notification on record table changes based on SqlTableDependency nuget package.

Detect table change with WPF and WCF

Source code available at

This example show how to keep up to date a grid containing some stocks data.
That grid has been automatically updated whenever a record change using database notifications.
This notification contains new values for the modified table record.

Audit table change with ASP.NET MVC, SignalR and Knockout JS

Source code available at

This example show how to refresh client web browsers used to book flight tickets.
Those terminals have to be update as soon as the availability change and the Web application must take the initiative of sending this information to clients instead of waiting for the client to request it.

Detect record table changes: Last edit on 10 November 2016 by Christian Del Bianco

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